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Office: 01 459 9474 

IFCA Structure


Organisational Structure of IFCA


IFCA Members

Foster and relative carers, social workers, child care workers, academics and others with an interest in foster care.

IFCA Branches

IFCA has  voluntary branches around the country that meet on a regular basis, keeping local members up to date on matters relating to fostering and organising events such as guest speakers, training and social events. Click here to go to branches.

Regional Committee and National Forum of Regional Representatives

Branches within an area come together to form Regional Committees with a Regional Representative being elected to represent that area on the IFCA National Forum of Regional Representatives. Ten IFCA Regional Representatives sit on this Forum and they elect, from among themselves, four to represent them on the IFCA Board of Directors.

IFCA Board of Directors

The IFCA Board has a maximum membership of 12, four representing the IFCA National Forum of Regional Representatives with the remaining eight representing the areas identified by the objectives of the Association.

IFCA Staff

The IFCA CEO has responsibility for the day to day running of the Association and supervises the remaining staff working in the areas of Support & Advocacy, learning, Finance, Administration and Branch Development. All are based at the National Office in Tallaght, Dublin 24.