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IFCA aims to build a learning community so that those of us with an interest in foster care – including general and relative foster carers, health and social care practitioners, youth workers, academics, students, teachers, policy makers and members of the community and voluntary sector – can learn together, engage in dialogue, share our experiences and develop the quality of our fostering practice. 

IFCA Review of Learning Programme

We are currently carrying out a review of our Learning Programme, involving consultation with our members and other stakeholders. The findings from the review will inform IFCA’s Learning Plan that will be completed later in 2015.

IFCA’s vision is to make learning opportunities available to all of us involved in foster care so that we can

  • Be supported in meeting any challenges we may face 
  • Feel confident that we are using recommended approaches
  • Build on our awareness, experience and skills in relation to foster care
  • Have our skills, knowledge and experience valued / recognised
  • Keep ourselves well so that we can perform our roles well
  • Develop relationships and understanding through learning
  • Contribute to a learning community as members of IFCA.

We see learning as broader that ‘training’. Learning can take place in a variety of ways including:

  • Face-to-face training workshops and courses
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Reflective practice
  • Creating spaces for dialogue
  • Support groups / peer support
  • Branch coffee mornings
  • Presentations at branch meetings
  • Personal research or study
  • Web-based learning – training courses, seminars, podcasts, etc
  • Links with universities and colleges 
  • Learning resources (leaflets / publications / research / tools)